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Content Submission Guideline

Are you a writer or an author? Please review our guidelines below. We periodically add new material to the Web site throughout the year.

We are accepting submissions for ...

SEEK - We are always looking for devotions or bible studies.

GROW - We are always looking for articles about family life, finances, health, home improvements, organizing life, marriage, singles, etc. Articles should point toward scripture if possible.

SHARE - Published authors and publishers may submit books for review. We review Christian fiction, nonfiction, youth and children's books.

AT(W)EENZFAITH - We are always looking for devotions or articles for young people ages 11-17.

AKIDZFAITH - We are always looking for activities, crafts or ideas to provide for parents, Sunday School teachers and youth leaders.

We strongly urge you to visit the channel you would like to submit material.

Publication Dates

Please note we have changed our publication dates. Articles will be published six times a year. These dates may change due to our small staff.

The type of articles/devotions desired:

January/February - general Christian articles/devotions

March/April - Lent/Resurrection Sunday

May/June - general Christian articles/devotions

July/August - general Christian articles/devotions

September/October - general Christian articles/devotions

November/December - Christmas / New Year


We do not pay writers for submitting articles. The majority of our contributing writers are Christian writers who just enjoy writing and would like to share with others. Occasionally, we receive permission to reprint articles and excerpts from professional authors.  We treat all submissions the same since we are an online publication with no subscription fees or advertising budgets.

We provide a chance for writers to promote their books, Web sites, etc under the "About the Author" section. Writers retain all copyrights to work submitted. 

Read Before Submitting Materials

By submitting with this form, I understand that I retain copyright to my works, but agree to grant to Faithwebbin Network/Tywebbin Creations the non-exclusive right to reproduce my submitted material in printed form on this Web site or on any Tywebbin Creations owned/operated Web sites. I also certify that material I post is my own original material and does not violate any copyrights. I also acknowledge that the Faithwebbin Network reserves the right to proof and edit articles where necessary, but that my contact information will always be used in conjunction with the use of my articles. I understand that the Faithwebbin Network reserves the right to remove any article that is found objectionable: i.e. bad language, in poor taste, or is prejudicial of any religious denomination. I forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material. If you agree, you may continue below.

What to Send

Please send articles as text or Word documents. ONLY DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS ARE ACCEPTED. We do not have the staff to handle submissions by postal mail.

EMAIL: a brief bio, photos (author's picure) or cover art (books) to

Christian Bookshelf Reviews

Authors or publishers may submit books to our Christian Bookshelf Review team. Please allow six to eight weeks for reviews to be posted on the Web site.
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